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Basic Guide into Car Insurance Types of Coverage and Deductible

Car insurance, at least the basic one, is a mandate in majority of states in the United States. It provides protection from a blow of financial loss in the event of an accident. Learn the basics of this specific types of insurance and tips to choose the suitable coverage for you.

What Is Auto Insurance?

Car insurance, also commonly referred as auto insurance or vehicle insurance, is an agreement between an insurance company as the provider and you as the client to provide protection against financial loss in case a car accident. Now, you may wonder, will car insurance cover stolen items? In nearly all cases, yes, the coverage will include vehicle theft as well.

Different insurance policies provide different kinds of coverage, which means they offer different types of protection. The more protection that you choose to have, the higher its rate will be. You may want to focus on several key coverage types of auto insurance, as follow:

  • Collision 

This coverage provides protection for car damage in case an accident occurs for the vehicle repairs cost of the first-party, not the vehicle of the other driver. In case the costs of repair exceed the value of the vehicle, a status of total loss may be declared by the insurance company, in which a check will be given instead of providing repairs. It is an essential coverage to have, especially if your vehicle is relatively or a brand new one.

  • Comprehensive

The next coverage also provides protection for the first party, but unlike collision, it focuses on non-accident damage. An example would be if your vehicle is damaged due to extreme weather conditions or if it is stolen.

  • Medical payment

Also known as MedPay, this coverage covers a reasonable amount of medical expenses for the driver and passengers of the car, without regard of fault. It applies no matter if you’re already covered by health insurance for your medical expenses payment or not.

  • Personal Injury Protection

Commonly referred as PIP, this coverage is quite similar to Medical Payment. The difference is that it generally provides more thorough coverage and higher limits of policy. That being said, it also means that the premiums are higher as well and there’s a minimum limit of deductible. PIP provides coverage beyond medical expenses, but also funeral costs, lost wages, etc.

Car insurance is extremely important, because you will have to dig from your wallet to pay for expensive claims without one. This may face you with a risk of financial problem. While most states in the U.S. mandate for basic auto insurance, you can always choose the customized insurance coverage for your vehicle to match with your budget and needs.

Understanding how car insurance claims work is also necessary to ensure your protection anytime you get behind the wheel. In order to ensure that you choose the best-suited coverage for your vehicle, you may begin to do some research about trustworthy insurance company. The insurance provider will help you pay for property damage or bodily injuries in case you get into an accident after the claim of insurance is filed.

Car insurance policies are typically issued in 1-year or 6-month timeframes with renewable feature. When the time to pay the premium or renew the policy comes, you will receive the notice from the company. Searching for the preferable insurance provider is actually simpler than you might think, especially if it’s done online. Nowadays, it is common to research about this topic and obtain quotes from the comfort of your couch.

Tips to Select Auto Insurance Coverage and Deductible

The most basic tip to find the best insurance policy is by getting the right balance of your budget and the coverage. To decide which one would suit you the best, you need to take your financial situation into account. For examples, if you own a lot of assets, then it is possible to opt for higher limits of liability, while if your budget is limited, you may want to look for car insurance 0 deposit type.

Meanwhile, for deductible of car insurance, most financial experts recommend considering the amount of deductible that you can afford. If it’s possible for you to afford $1,000 deductible or higher, then you’d be able to save some money on the monthly premiums. You also need to consider if you’d want to claim smaller auto repair, such as those under $1,000. If personally you won’t go through the hassle of it, then you may want to opt for higher deductible.

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